We are temporarily not accepting new gutter installation projects.
We will update the website when our calendar is open again. Thank you for understanding.

Why Pro Flo

Built on a Strong Foundation

We understand that your home is your domain. It should be loved on and maintained. The number one cause of foundation cracks is due to standing water or improper drainage. Pro Flo Gutters is co-owned by an experienced home inspector who has inspected over 3,000 homes in the South East. One of his main recommendations to homeowners over the years was to get gutters installed. Don’t let the lack of gutters be the cause of foundation stress or allow the presence of termites. Help us to ensure your home stands on a strong foundation.

Our Team

Trevor Fisher

Trevor Fisher

Co-Owner, Sales Manager

Trevor has been working in the construction industry for the past 7 years as a third party inspector. As a licensed home inspector in both Florida and Tennessee, Trevor has seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of residential construction. Trevor understands the importance of a home’s perimeter drainage and how soil erosion near a home’s foundation can contribute to very costly repairs. Poor perimeter drainage can lead to soil erosion near the home’s foundation, splashback to siding, deterioration to exterior walls, and creating moist environments suitable for unwanted pests and wood destroying organisms. After earning a reputation as one of St John’s county’s most thorough inspectors, Trevor’s goal is to ensure every gutter installation is perfectly installed and custom tailored to your home’s needs.